March for Life 2012

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The rule of the jungle is survival of the fittest. This was not the case in civilized Western society when it was rooted in the Judeo-Christian value systems. Laws were made to protect the weak, the poor, the widows and the orphan.

Today as we have abandoned the Judeo-Christian values that Western society was built on, we have also moved away from civilzed law and we have embraced the law of the jungle. Our laws no longer protect the weak and defenceless, instead we attack and kill the unborn child who needs our protection most and we kill the aged and elderly who cannot tak care of themselves.

Yes we are no longer a civilized society, we would like to think we are not.

Indeed, after his sin Adam lost the kingdom that God had intended for him to implant on earth. The kingdom he lost was taken over by the one who defeated Adam, the Devil, who with Adam’s sin acquired an enormous power over nature and human society. For this reason one can find in the great empires of Antiquity, such as those of Assyria, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the notable influence of the Devil in the idolatry of most of the ancient religions. Scripture states that all the gods of those religions were devils: “Omnes dii gentium sunt daemonia” (Psalm 95:5).

When Christ came and died for us we were redeemed and over the years that followed thourgh the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Rise of the Middle ages, we were able to build Western Socitey on Jeudo-Christian values. However we have now moved away form those values and embraced moral relativism and every single problem that faces society, abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality is a relefction of our rembrace of the devil and the abandonment of Christ

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