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Thursday, May 13, 2010 - VideoZone - Thousands turn out for anti-abortion rally

Be still my heart, media coverage by the liberal media newsrag the Toronto Star at this link. - VideoZone - Thousands turn out for anti-abortion rally


Anonymous said...

Yeah, love that they covered it. But it still has a spin to it. "Students from local Roman Catholic schools" attended the rally. As if they were the ones that made the crowd so huge and full of young people. Liberals can draw the conclusion that they were forced to go by their church or similar assumptions

Smiley said...

yes oh how the main stream media love to spin things. Also the only real reason for coverage this year is becasue we have an election coming up, and Prime Minister Harper has voted against abortion as part of maternal funding for poor nations. The Main Stream Media is out to polarize oppinion so that the Liberals win the elections