March for Life 2012

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

List of parliamentarians on the Hill for the National March for Life 2013

List of parliamentarians on the Hill:

Senator Tobias Enverga Ontario
Cons MP Guy Lauzon,Stormont Dundas and South Glengarry
Cons MP Rod Bruinooge, Winnipeg
Cons MP Harold Albrecht, Kitchener Conestoga
Cons MP Kyle Seeback, Brampton West
Cons MP David Anderson, Cypress Hills – Grasslands
Cons MP Wlad Lizon, Mississauga East- Cooksville
Cons MP Bev Shipley, Lambton Kent Middlesex
Cons MP Rob Anders, Calgary West
Cons MP Jeff Watson, Essex
Cons MP Mark Warawa,Langley
Sen Norm Doyle, NFL Labrador
Cons MP Dean del Mastro, Peterborough
Cons MP Maurice Vellacott, Saskatoon Wanuskewin
Cons MP Leon Benoit Vagreville- Wainwright
Cons MP Stella Ambler, Mississauga South
Cons MP Kevin Sorensen, Crowfoot
Cons MP Royal Galipeau, Ottawa Orleans
Cons MP Lawrence Toet, Elmwood Transcona
Cons MP Stephen Woodworth, Kitchener Centre
Cons MP James Lunney, Nanaimo- Alberny
Cons MP Kelly Block, Saskatoon- Rosetown-Biggar
Cons MP Dave Van Kesteren, Chatham-Kent-Essex
Cons MP Brad Trost, Saskatoon-Humboldt

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