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Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Child shall lead them

It was really heart lifting and encouraging to see so many youth and children present at the National March for Life 2009.

Little Lia had written a pro life speech for a school competition. "She was also told that if she went ahead with that topic, she would not be allowed to continue on in the speech competition," Lia's mother wrote in the email to the Moral Outcry blog. "Initially, I tried helping her find other topics to speak on, but, in the end, she was adamant. She just felt she wanted to continue with the topic of abortion. So she forfeited her chance to compete in order to speak on something she was passionate about."

Lia's pro-choice teacher was so moved by the speech that she decided to allow her to participate in the competition after all. Lia won for her class.

The speech then sparked a controversy at the school wide competition last Thursday, where the school principal and teachers reportedly all agreed that Lia's speech was the obvious winner - but the judges had decided to disqualify her because of the topic.

By the end of the day, one judge who was offended by the pro-life speech agreed to step down, leaving the remaining judges to reverse the decision and declare Lia the school wide winner, advancing Lia to represent her school at a regional competition.

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