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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Slippery Slope

I was reading some blogs, and I stumbled on this one by Therese called Aussie Coffee Shop.
Our dear Aussie mommy friend has 2 sons who have diabetes. It was suggested to her that she might rethink her position about Embryonic Stem Cell Research being wrong and immoral as this research might find a cure for her kids.

Aussie mommy provided this very brave reply which I have to post for all of you to read.

" My 9 year old son was diagnosed with type one diabetes when he was just 14 months old and just recently our 4 year old son has been diagnosed as well. I have watched my 9 year old son in intensive care twice struggling to hold onto life. I know the heart ache and pain that comes from this disease. I would love a cure and to end the suffering my sons go through but it cannot be at the cost of another persons life.

The fact is, every person on this earth suffers. It doesn't matter who we are or what condition we have, we will all still suffer.

Suffering is a fact of life and trying to stop suffering at the cost of another persons life is wrong.

This is something I feel very passionate about. If we deny basic human rights to anyone we start down a slippery slope.

First step is already here. We don't recognise babies in the womb as having the right to life. Next will be the elderly that are a burden on society and then the sick and frail. I could well imagine someone saying that murdering my sons would be merciful since they cannot live without insulin injections.They could be seen as a burden and the desire to help them may cost them their lives.

I will never think it is acceptable to kill another person (which escr does) to cure my child."


Aussie Therese said...

Thanks for posting this Smiley and for the link back. I am glad that there are people that see eye to eye with me on this.

Smiley said...

Hi Aussie Therese

I for one most definitely stand by you and your choice. We need a lot more witnesses like you who stand for life no matter what the personal costs are.
You are the true heroes of the pro-life movement. You are what Christ called the Salt of the earth.