March for Life 2012

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Day Begins - Speeches by MPs

When we got the parliament hill in Ottawa, and reached the lawns of parliament, Pro Life politicians from the Pro Life Caucus were providing support to the pro life movement.

Rod Bruinooge MP Chair of the Pro Life Caucus had the following to say

"The pro-abortion movement counts on support leves that don't exist. Many politicians, academics and mainstream journalists and media wish the abortion debate would go away, however far more Canadians are pro-life than most people realize. There is defenitely a new generation of younger Canadians that see the issue differently and are open to having a discussion. An unborn child has no value untill a nanosecond before birth, how is that a minute before birth a child is not human but a minute after it is human, how can a minute change the definition of humanity so much? Of course our opponents called me a liar for suggesting such a thing in public but the trust is on my side"

Rod Bruinooge is part Aboriginal and he said that all aboriginals are pro-life as they have suffered greatly by ideas and ideologies that are of the culture of death.

There were also a few other MPs who addressed the rally before the National Anthem Oh Canada was sung in both the national languages English and French.

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