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Friday, May 22, 2009

Witness from Abotion Victims

The obvious victims of abortion are the babies who are killed, but there are other victims. These are the parents who have lost the baby, both the mother and father to be are often times victims of abortions as well.

Very often, the pregnant mother has no one to turn to, she is afraid and scared and in the absence of any support, she does the one thing which she feels will sort the problem have an abortion. However later on she is consumed by guilt and moves from one addiction to another as she is unable to forgive herself.

(This lady gave testimony and after her abortion she had 6 kids she spoke in French and the audio will be posted soon)

The agency called Silent No More creates awareness about the fathers and mothers who are victims of abortion.

Their 3 fold goal is

•Reaching out and providing information to people who are hurting after an abortion, encouraging them to attend abortion after-care programs;

•Raising public awareness about abortion’s emotional, physical, spiritual and relational consequences through education, testimonies and public witness;

•Inviting post-abortive men and women, who are ready to share personal testimony, to break their silence. In so doing they can help others to avoid the pain and suffering of abortion.

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